The Craving For Good Pitches (The Headache Of An African Player)

In Africa, some people think that; the practice, fitness level, and quality skills of a player are essential factors for winning a football match. Although they are all crucial in winning games, pitch maintenance is probably just as much of the essence as they are. The poorly maintained pitch could stop players from reaching their full potential and it could even cause combat injury that can end the career of a player.

Looking at the deplorable nature of some elite competition playing fields in Africa, I felt disappointed in some of the African football administrators and club owners. Someone will ask why am I disappointed in them. I am disappointed in them because it is their responsibility to implore experts to maintain and improve all football pitches.

There may be a robust correlation between pitch maintenance and sports activities performance levels, according to research carried out by the University of Loughborough in 2010.
According to the research, lack of maintenance causes sports pitches to become harder and, therefore, more difficult to play on.
The type or condition of a pitch could increase injury risk. The hard pitches in Africa cause greater abrasive injuries, along with soreness and pains. As a result, ending the career of footballers in this continent.

Also, statistically, players performed less well on pitches that had been poorly maintained.
For instance, being a Ghanaian; watching the Ghana Premier League and the lower division leagues, I have observed that, players always resort to playing long balls instead of the usual crisp short passes which I know Ghanaian footballers are good at. Due to the deplorable nature of the pitches, they have no option but to play long balls which they are not comfortable with. As a result of that, it affects their style of play technically.
Ghanaian footballers are comfortable with the ball when controlling, holding, and exchanging passes but due to the bumpy fields, it becomes difficult for them.
This undermines the quality of play because quality players are always played out of the game and this destroys the beauty of the game.

Again, pitches that are not properly maintained, also end up costing more money in the long run.

The standard of pitches is one of the biggest impediments to the growth of football in Africa. If care is not taken, bad pitches could drive the youth away from the game.
The craving for good pitches by African players is leading them to ply their trade in Europe which is affecting the development of African football.

To conclude, it’s miles undeniable that a pitch surface will have an impact on the performance of the players. It’s an important factor, however, one that is forgotten fairly often by African football administrators and club owners. They must have to put in the vicinity a range of measures to improve all football pitches for African players to attain their full potential.

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