Kids Care Soccer Championship 2022

Kids Care Championship is a football tournament for juvenile teams across Ghana. The contest is held every year in Ghana.
Mr. Frank Arkoh founded Kids Care Championship. His aim is to use the Kids Care Championship to contribute to the development of young football talents in Ghana and Africa as well.

Teams that register to participate in the competition are placed in groups of three each. Each team plays the other two in the first round in its group. The top two teams from each group advance to the next round. In the next two rounds, teams are eliminated as they play each other.

The tournament was first held on 23rd December 2020 in Adenta, a suburb of Accra Ghana.
The competition started with only six Under 10 teams for a day program with teams such as United Nations FC, Glory City FC, Sampan United FC, Top Flat FC, Champions FC, and Bello FC.
Sampan United FC from the Central Region of Ghana, won the tournament that particular year. And Runners Up was Top Flat FC from Adenta in Accra and Glory City FC Dome in Accra, respectively. Whilst United Nation FC from Adenta in Accra placed fourth.
The following year (2021), which was the 2nd Edition of the Kids Care Championship, the management of the competition introduced two categories (Under 10 and Under 15) with 12 teams for each category. The 2nd Edition lasted for 3 days.
Glory City FC was the 2021 champions and Calculators FC as runners for the Under 10. Also, for the Under 15 category, Global Oye Sporting Club won the ultimate, and United Nation FC was runners-up.

Individual Awards Won In 2021 (2nd Edition)
Under 10 Category
Most Valuable Player: Gabriel Sokpli of Glory City FC
Best Goalkeeper: Duke Opoku Ware of Glory City FC
The Most Promising Player: Grant Arkoh of United Nations FC
Goal King: Gabriel Sokpli of Glory City FC
Best Head Coach: Seth Sarfo of Glory City FC
Best Deputy Coach: Prince Ameno of Calculators FC

Under 15 Category
Most Valuable Player: Rockson Sam of United Nations FC
Best Goalkeeper: Isaac Mustafa of United Nations FC
Goal King: Ebenezer Teye of Soccer Academy
Best Head Coach: Nana Nyarko Acheampong of Global Oye Sporting Club
Best Deputy Coach: Frank Arkoh of United Nations Football FC

Rockson Sam, the 2021 Most Valuable Player is among the first players to have benefited from playing in the competition. The talented young player is now playing in Adenta Youth 3rd Division after being scouted in the tournament by the club.

In fact Kids Care Championship is not the best but among the best.

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