Ghanaian Coaches Should Upgrade Themselves With Man Management Skills

Ghanaian Coaches Should Upgrade Themselves With Man Management Skills Ghanaian Coaches Should Upgrade Themselves With Man Management Skills

Management, we can say is an art, therefore it requires the application of certain principles, or rather it is an art of the highest order because it deals with molding the attitude and behavior of people in a team towards desired goals.

I think Ghanaian coaches should pay much attention to their man managerial skills. For most of our local coaches here in Ghana man-management is very poor. As a football coach, you have to be 50% ruthless and bold in your decision-making, because a player’s attitude can have a huge impact on your team. That’s why a coach like Djamel Belmedi (Algeria head coach) decided to exclude Algeria midfielder Haris Belkeba from the African Cup of Nations training camp, for video footage of the midfielder appearing on social media exposing his backside on a live stream of an online game. The coach’s decision was to maintain discipline within the team, which he considers paramount. In football for a team to succeed, every player, no matter who you are, should be disciplined and as a coach, it’s your task to ensure that.

In football management, you can be the best tactician in the football world but if your man-management is poor, you will not only fail but disgrace yourself as well. Do you think a player can boldly tell Pep Guardiola or Jose Mourinho in the face to play him in a position that the player thinks suits him? If a player masters that courage to tell Guardiola or Mourinho this, you are automatically out of his plans. To me, a disciplined player plays in a position that suits the coach’s tactics, not the player’s tactics.

The old saying that ‘Managers are Born’ has been rejected in favor of ”Managers are made”. It has been aptly remarked that management is the oldest of art and the youngest of science.
To conclude, I can say that science is the root and art is the fruit. So, Ghanaian coaches should improve upon their man-management skills, to help shape the footballers in this country and this would bring laurels to the nation.

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