CAF President, Patrice Motsepe Has Officially Launched The Africa Super League

CAF President, Patrice Motsepe announced the Africa Super League (a new African club competition) during the 44th CAF Ordinary General Assembly on August 10 in Arusha, Tanzania.

The CAF Africa Super League is expected to generate about $200 million yearly. Half of the amount ($100 million) shall be shared between participating clubs, the other half shall be invested in football development across Africa, with each of CAF’s 54 member associations expected to receive at least $1 million, yearly as a contribution to youth and football development.

How viable is an African Super League, given Europe's disastrous attempt?

“We intend to pay each member association $1 million per annum from the CAF Africa Super League funds.

“We also intend to allocate $50 million to CAF from these funds for youth and women’s football development and all its other competitions to ensure they are globally competitive.”

“We also want to use $50 million from the African Super League to make some of our competitions competitive,” Mr. Motsepe added.

“The prize money of competitions must be very high to make them exciting and to use some of that money to pay the players, the staff, and administrators.”

Mr. Motsepe further conveyed confidence that the money from the inaugural tournament could be used to ease financial pressure on the participating clubs.

“Some of the club owners tell me that when they play in the Champions League and the Confederation Cup, they have to spend money on transport and logistics,” he continued.

“What we are planning to do in the Super League is to give each of the 24 clubs that will participate in the initial Super League $2.5 million dollars. The $2.5 million should be used to buy players and assist with transport.

“You have to win on the field of play. We have to show the rest of the world that in those 90 minutes, we can win and be successful to show that African football is respected like football worldwide.”

Thanks to the Super League, CAF shall also be able to increase the prize money of the men’s and women’s CAF Champions League.

Also, participating clubs must have a women’s team and an academy.

The Super League will officially kick off in August 2023 with 24 clubs from 16 countries, with 197 matches.

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